Release Notes - Chat for Jira Service Desk - Version 1.6.0 - HTML format


  • [SC-584] - close button (x) is misaligned in the new Jira skin
  • [SC-600] - when there are no issues in the queue, "goblet" image is moved to the right (see screenshot)
  • [SC-602] - for unknown reasons, unread message counter leads to null project page
  • [SC-608] - Tour disappears after going to the "Request Type" step in project configuration
  • [SC-609] - tour covers the button that it is supposed to describe
  • [SC-611] - When the conversation has more than 50 messages, Chat Widget cannot show all messages and not updated
  • [SC-612] - empty conversations (last messages) in the conversation list
  • [SC-613] - Since version 1.5.11, the API returned message seems to be changed

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