How to check if Jira custom field used for storing linked workitem ID is on proper screens.

The custom field specified during the creation of the Sync profile has to be present on all issues that need to be synchronized. On many occasions, it is problematic to find why it is not present there. The below guide should help in pinpointing the reasons behind its absence.

The mentioned field has to be present on both Create Issue Screen and Edit Screen.


How to check if Custom field is present on Edit Issue Screen

  1. In order to check if the issue has a proper custom field in place, you will need to have admin access and invoke the old issue view. (not required in Jira Server).


  2. Then go to the admin panel and check the “Where is my field?”

  3. Type in your field name

    In the above example, this field is named “TFSId”, in other cases, it needs to be checked in the sync profile configuration.

  4. It will show failed conditions on why it is not present there.

How to check if the Custom field is present on Create Issue Screen

  1. Click “Create” at the top Bar of your Jira which will invoke “Create Issue” screen from the project you wish to synchronize:


  2. In the top right corner, there is a dropdown “Configure fields” click it, and then there is a second link “Where is my field”. Click it and type again your field name:

Aside from telling you if the field is there, it shows you why it is not visible.